Valves & Engineered Products

Knife gate valves
Penstocks and Sluice Gates
Uni & Bi-directional
Wall & Channel
Round & Square Port

Bolted & Welded Body Ball Valves
Double Piston Effect Seat Design
Butterfly Valves
Check Valves 2”–8” ANSI 300, 600, & 900
Needle Valves
Isolator Valves

Pipeline Strainers
Fabricated Strainers
Check Valves
Knife Gate Valves
Float & Level Valves
Control Valves
Suction Diffusers
Triple Duty Valves

PEXGOL PEX Pipe Advantages
Temperature resistance up to 110°C
Designed for a minimum 50 year lifetime
Excellent abrasion resistance
Superb chemical resistance
High corrosion resistance
Slow creep resistance
High flexibility
Extra smooth internal surface

Pinch Valves
Elastomer Check Valves
Expansion Joints
Pressure Sensor Rings

Oil/Water Separator Control
Liquid Level Control
Pneumatic Pressure Control
High Pressure Regulators
Freezeless Dump Valve

Gate, Globe & Check, Valves in Bronze,
Iron & Steel
Butterfly Valves Cast & Ductile Iron
Bronze Ball Valves
Sizes to 36” (DN900) and pressure classes to 3500 in pressure seal bonnet designs Soldered end, threaded end, socket weld end, butt-weld end and flanged end configurations are available.

Norriseal Butterfly Valves
High Performance & Teflon Lined series
200/285 PSI Metal & Soft Seated Valves

Kitz, FCC Knife Gates
MAS Brand Valves
Toyo Red-White-Bronze & Brass
Bonney Forge Cast and Forged Steel
Moygro Wafer Checks
Demco Rugged Butterflies
JMC Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
Mueller Steam Specialties

LineBacker sealing gaskets and flange
isolation kits
ElectroStop monolithic isolation fittings and casing isolators
Metallic and polyethylene casing
spacers and end seals

Floating Ball Valves
Trunnion Ball Valves
Swing Check Valves
Needle Valves

Pressure Gauges
Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs)

Pipeline Filters and Strainers
Coalescing Filters
Flow Straightening Vanes
Vanes Spools
Adjustable Pipe Supports
Quick Opening Closures
Plastic Pipe Squeeze Tools

Spirl Wound Gaskets
Flexpro TM
Compressed Fiber Sheet
Flexible Graphite
Metal Jacketed Gaskets
Ring Type Joints (RTJ) Gaskets (RTJ)

Yale® Quick Opening Closures
SENTRY® Closures
Yale® SafeClamp™ Closures